The control freak in me

Three weeks until I’m a college graduate. Plus one day and I’m on my way to California. Plus one month and I’m transplanted to NYC. What?!

The whole having to still be in school and go to class is kind of annoying, but I’m plugging through. That whole idea of the easy last term definitely isn’t happening for me. School plus work are taking up all my time. Honestly, I still can’t believe it’s week 9. Where did this term even go?

This past week I’ve begun the online search for jobs and have applied to a few positions at different companies, and at least two of them gave the option for a cover letter — I tried to be convincing and spell out that I’m a great candidate to keep on file if they fill the position before July (which is highly likely). Tuesday I’m emailing my entry-level contact at Hearst and hope that contacting a specific real person will help. Then I have to figure out when to email Nicole and if I want to email Lizzie again or maybe just plan a meet up when I’m actually in the city.

I’ve almost completely cleared the walls of my apartment and have almost filled up one box. I’m just so glad I wont be shipping anything and wont have to worry if everything isn’t perfect since we’re just stuffing a car. It’s weird though now to look at the blank walls and feel like I just moved in.

Moving home and realizing I may see not Oregon again is going to hit hard… and I really hope I can avoid that for as long as possible. Lots of beach running back home to distract me. But as I keep telling everyone, once Kim and I secure an apartment I think a majority of my control freak worries will disappear. Or you know, just move on to the planning of the move and the job search and general freaking out. Oy. I’m really moving to New York. This is insane. And I can’t wait.

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