The Overwhelming Packing Challenge

Well, NYC is in place. The flight didn’t change, but everything else pretty much did. But honestly, it all feels like it’s for the better. Now I arrive on July 15 and crash with Steph for two and a half weeks, who also hired me as an intern at her company, College OTR. I need to remember to start monitoring that site and learning as much as possible. She may be a friend, but I still need to rock out this job! Who knows, I may like it so much I’d choose to stay on staff there versus a magazine gig.

Then in August I have the security of The Webster for a few months. I got in with my intern status and it makes me feel better living somewhere I’m familiar with that’s also in midtown so then later I can look for a real apartment when I’m settled in a job.

Of course, the biggest stress right now is packing. How do I plan to pack for the first 18 days I’m crashing with Steph, then what to ship for the next few months at the Webster, and then what do I do with all my accessories for housing and whatnot and when does that fit in? The one draw back of living in NY – knowing moving may be a frequent occurance. Which sucks majorly. I moved enough in Corvallis and between Corvallis and NY and in NY last year that I really want to minimize the moving as much as possible.

Ugh. Two and a half weeks left at home. It’s no longer 99 degrees out but I’m struggling at being productive now that I finally got unpacked. I think Tuesday (2 week mark!) will be the deadline for getting myself in gear and starting to really pack and plan again. You know, if it wasn’t for the whole, “I’m not coming back” thing (except for like, Christmas), this would be so much easier. It’s all so final.

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