Well here I am, writing from lovely New York City. Yesterday getting up at 4am (hell… I’d really been up since 3) made me a tired, nervous wreck. I honestly hadn’t been so nervous that I felt I almost would throw up since high school. Events from Monday may have also shaped my odd frame of mind, but we’ll gloss over that. I had been so comfortable at home and while I was bored for lack of work and purpose… it was nice. So saying goodbye to the parents was hard, like leaving for college all over again!

The flight was perfectly on time, but after not flying for 6 months, good god was 5 hours long! Anyway, got in to JFK, got my luggage and got in the cab to head to Steph’s. It was long and traffic-y, but it was great once I arrived. Home!

Steph has a lovely little one bedroom in an amazing part of the West Village. She also has an adorable (when he’s not attacking my body like a playtoy) kitty. Steph didn’t have to babysit after all, so we hung out for a bit and I got briefed on the insanity that was her life over the past few months. Short result – I won’t be interning at OTR after all. But I don’t look at it as too much of a drawback because I would have been job hunting anyway. Plus my papers already are in at the Webster so it wont affect moving there either. Yay! Then we got food and just hung out and I definitely passed out early after the long day.

Today Steph went off to work (she has a temporary job this week, but is also in the midst of interviews) and I slowly got my act together. I’ll have to work with her later because her internet cable isn’t working and I haven’t been able to figure it out. So I’m currently stealing WiFi that only gives me barely a bar. I needed it to look up locksmith places to make my own set of her keys. After a false loop that resulted in the store addresses being wrong, I made a second trip out and went a great little place and got my keys and was done! It is meltingly hot right now, and sadly is getting hotter this week. Joy.

On a better note, I’ve already gotten at least 5 “hey beautiful” comments from sketchy guys on the street. Oh, New York, how I love it.

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