Back in the streets of NYC

I have had a great first week in the city. While it’s been disgustingly hot, I’ve caught up with many of my friends and already gotten to experience some new things.

Wednesday was a slow day where I got familiar with the neighborhood and bought some groceries. That night, I made my return to the Lounge at New World with Kim! It was technically Wii Wednesday, but the girls spent the night on our intense game of Apples to Apples. For the first time ever, I amazingly won! There will still 4 people playing when I left, but I won something like 17 green cards?! And it was just great being back at the lounge and made everything feel even more like home.

Thursday I got a little more serious and spent the morning job searching and applying. It’s kind of nice getting scope out new job openings and selling yourself, but I also don’t like the insecurity of it. I want a job! And money! I then strolled up 8th avenue and spent a good two hours wandering around midtown (though safely outside of times square) and basically just enjoyed the wandering.
That night I met up with Heather and Lori for dinner. We had lots of catching up to do and we talked TV and all sorts of great stuff. During this, I found out that Lori lives in Astoria, Queens, because she mentioned that Ugly Betty would be filming there this weekend. So after dinner Lori offered to give me a mini-tour of her area. It was the first time I’d ever been outside Manhattan, and I LOVED it. This area has smaller buildings, a little quieter, but absolutely everything you need. Plus, she’s in the area near the park and the waterfront, which is gorgeous.

Friday morning I did another round of job searching and then made plans to reunite with Baro alum Andrew N! I wandered around again in the afternoon, doing a little shopping (though bought nothing) and a lot of walking. But the breeze made it much more pleasant. I rested at home and applied last minute before running out the door to a freelance month-long position for NY mag that I’d love to get. I really worked to sell myself and my skills… crossing my fingers!!

I then headed out to meet Andrew and his friend (another OSU alum), we brought picnic supplies, bought a box of wine and headed out to Brooklyn. Two boroughs in two days! There’s this Celebrate Brooklyn festival going on all summer at Prospect Park, and we went out to see a band called Deerfoot. (Ghostland Obvservatory is playing next weekend… they played at OSU for free in May, love them!) It was great to catch up with Andrew, see his fiance Elly and meet their friend Kate. I love having so many different friends in the city! Also, overall, Brooklyn was also really nice, and Andrew lives out there so I may recruit him to look for vacancies in his building in the future!

After leaving the concert, I caught up with Steph and went to meet her on the Lower East Side. She was with some friends at their apartment, hanging out on their rooftop. Seriously, you cannot beat rooftops in NYC. It was beyond beautiful. We drank and I got to meet new people and we headed over to a bar called The Magician for some more drinks. I was done from drinking that boxed wine at the park but had a fun time despite some of the tension. It was like late night dinner theater, haha. Came home around 2am and hung out with Biskie while I drank copious amounts of water and was surprisingly not tired. Went to bed around 3am and eventually got up at 9am because I was having way too fucked up dreams… oh fun.

Today has just been lounging and nursing hangovers for me and Steph. I went for a short jaunt to get myself outside, but good god is it still hot. May just be staying in tonight… we’ll see.

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