And time goes on

I’ve been here 10 days now. I have to keep giving myself reality checks that I haven’t been here that long, even though I’m already bored with not working and endlessly applying for jobs.

The heat hasn’t been bad with all the thunder storms, but sitting around all day applying for jobs and fending off Biskie got me going a little stir-crazy. I met up with Andrew yesterday and we commiserated over our lack of job status. He heard reliable info that a lot of companies post a lot during the summer but then start really hiring for September, meaning we’d start hearing back around mid/late August. I hope. Although I keep seeing Steph get all these interviews set up and wish I could figure out what she was doing right. But my goal is to apply to at least a job a day, which is going well.

Earlier this week I returned to the Lounge on the usual Tuesday to see my best buddy bartender Dakotah. Kim and I have a fantastic night, and it was hilarious that the whole Altar Boyz cast showed up later… normally they only did that when Kim still worked there! haha. That was a good fun drunk night, and Dakotah gave me a heads up about jobs at his non-profit org.

Wednesday I got a tour of Coney Island and saw the Atlantic ocean for the first time! I was thoroughly excited. Plus it was at least 10 degrees cooler down there than in the city. We wander around the boardwalk, saw some filming of a show to be called “Cupid” (hmmm?) and played (and lost) the claw-machine games. We also went to the promenade where this Brooklyn Bridge Park is under construction. It’s beautiful over there, and happens to have a little ice cream place that is probably the best I’ve ever had down there. It was the ultimate mini day trip out of the city!

We also tried, and failed, that night for In The Heights lotto. So we’re determined to lotto it every day until we do win. Which I enjoy because it gives me something reliable to do each day besides apply for jobs and remember that I have no money.

Off to apply for a cool Time Warner job I’ll probably never get. Whoo hoo!

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