"There are like 14 billion Altar Boyz here!"

I’m glad I didn’t think of blogging when I got home at 2am, because I’m afraid it would have been extremely incoherent. But thanks to my inability to sleep in, here I am at 7:30am. Awake for the time being.

SO. Yesterday could not have gone better. This whole week has been a major downer, and I was definitely looking forward to a fun night. But before I even got there, I got amazing news! I have started looking in the retail/wholesale area on Craigslist and found an ad for an intern at a swimsuit/resort wear showroom. I only would get reimbursed lunch and transportation, but it’s something to do during the day – plus, it’s a whole different area of the fashion industry, and unlike Glamour I feel like I may have some opportunity to eventually get hired on after interning for a while. Who knows. But I literally got a response less than 15 minutes later. A response! The holy grail in my eyes. They want to interview me next week. I can’t wait!

After my happy dance I got my butt uptown for dinner with Kim. We had great tickets to Altar Boyz (right isle row C) and joked about me getting pulled up on stage (it would be time #3). We hit the bar first and ran into a lot of people we knew, who were all there to see Ryan Ratliff’s last show. Having not lived in NYC in the height of the Altarholic thing, I never got to experience how cool it was to know so many people at a show with everyone coming together like that.

We sit down and get great news: Kevin Kern will be at the show! With Andy Karl! We’re stunned, and start to joke that more of the boyz should be there. We look to our right and see not two but FOUR boyz walking in to the theater. Kern, Andy, Joberg and Daniel Torres. Our jaws just dropped. It’s probably been years since they saw the show and all these boyz show up together. Amazing! The show itself was really awesome – these new boyz were so great and a lot of their new takes on the show had Kim and I practically on the floor. I was blown away at “I Believe.” Although I don’t know how they’ll replace Ryan…

Moment of truth: right before “Something About You” I happen to see the Matthew (Michael Kadin Craig) looking my way. I’ll admit, I panicked a little. How do I always get this to happen to me?! And sure enough, he’s singing, coming down the stage, staring right at me. This time I had a bit of fun hamming it up while on stage, but skipped on molesting Ratliff even though Kim really wanted me to. So fun though. Love my luck!After the show we said hi to Kern and Joberg, and Daniel chatted me up a little – he is so sweet, and I’d never met him before. Kern was like hey, you got pulled up on stage! haha. Then we watched as RJ got his head shaved right there at stage door… apparently he really wanted to once he was done with the show. Then off to the Lounge where Karaoke was in full force and we were busy drinking away. It was so much fun just hanging out and telling stories and singing along to the songs.

Came home around 2am and hung out with the crazy kitty then crashed. Probably a routine I will be repeating again soon. Oh, the ABz gods love me and Kim. Now if only the Heights ones would let us win lotto!

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