Awkward ramblings…

Sigh… I miss my Ramblers.

The interview went alright today. It’s one of those things like when I applied at brass having little financial or web knowledge, and I came away just hoping they liked me enough to hire me. I try to be clear and likable… but I rambled. Obviously. The things I’d be doing – working with Excel, client orders, working with PR agents, etc. – seem to be manageable tasks even though I really don’t have a sales background. I’m just hoping my honesty won me some points, because I made it clear I’d commit to them if there was a hiring opportunity in the future and came clean on having no sales background.

If I’m chosen, it’d be three days a week for three months, which is doable, and hopefully I can add some other part-time (PAYING) work to that and around Sept/Oct I can look for a new job or if I’m happy talk to the showroom about getting hired. One of their old interns is now a sales associate. That’s never been a title I ever considered… but I feel if I got the training and experience I could work toward that. Who knows? There are many different facets of fashion, and I may fit this area, or maybe I wont. We’ll see if I even get hired for now.

One thought on “Awkward ramblings…

  1. You’ll find something…we miss you TONS here too and I am soooo glad you are having an amazing time. I randomly think about you a lot- just little things. Keep up the blog I LOVE reading your ramblings!

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