In The Heights – Spread the word!

Tonight, finally, after about eight thousand tries, Kim and I won lotto tickets for In The Heights!!! We had front row seats to (seriously) the best show on Broadway. We only had one understudy on… we were there.
This show is phenomenal. It has the energy, the humor, the heart and staying power that, quite possible, Rent has/had. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays the lead, wrote this show when he was a sophomore in college. At 28 now, he has his show on Broadway, a Best Musical Tony to his credit and so much more. Kind of makes you feel like you should do more with your life, huh?

I’m still in the afterglow of being in awe of this show… but all I can say is the music, the set, the dancing, the story, the chemistry — everything draws you in and is beyond amazing. There will be many more lotto-ings of this show… I’m downloading the cast recording as we speak. Success!

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