More reasons I love New York

It has been one hell of a week here in the city… in the best kind of way.

Tuesday, beside finally conquering ITH lotto, I also got a phone call from a company to interview for an editorial internship. It’s a paid internship! Money! Yay! I know that shouldn’t be my focus… but this is New York. I can’t help but spend money, and therefore need to get any back in the bank, however small the amount. Anyway, I have the interview on Tuesday, from 9:30am – 11am — with 3 different people in the company! My agenda this weekend is prepare hardcore to knock it out of the park.

Wednesday was another fun and surprising night. A friend was celebrating his birthday at the Frying Pan. It’s a docked boat right off 26th on the Hudson. Beautiful! So we had Coronas on the upper deck and I got to meet a lot of random people.
Best people of all – the power couple – she used to work at Tory Burch is about to launch her own handbag line to be sold at Saks, Barneys and the like. She brought a bag and let me tell you – I may not be able to afford it, but they are fantastic. She offered to pass my resume along at Tory Burch if I was interested in PR… even more fantastic!
He used to work at BlackBook and does freelance for them still, used to work at Playboy and New York Magazine. He’s like my hero in the journalism world. The funniest part was that I asked if he was at Playboy when Sara Jean (from OSU) won playmate of the year and he was. Even better – when on campus a student made up an “inappropriate” banner and we covered it at the newspaper and found out it later showed up in Playboy… he was the one interviewing the student! Crazy connections. He too told me to get his info and get in touch with him later. New York and networking with cool people… hand in hand. Loves it.

Thursday. Last year it was Liar at the Time Out Lounge. This year… it’s Karaoke Night! Kim and I went and considered getting drunk enough to sing, but it’s just an impossibility when you’re at a bar with talented theater people. The only way I can sum up this night is lots of booze, a dangerous shot, getting boys to sing Rent songs and being loud and drunk. Very drunk. I got home at 2am and didn’t really function again until Friday afternoon. One good reason to be unemployed. But god, I love New World sometimes. Thursdays for the win.

As you can imagine, Friday was relatively uneventful. I wasn’t exactly leaving the apartment. But Friday night I did go out to the Wine Cellar to see Caytie. It was great to see her again! I was lingering there for a half hour alone with wine, but then Steph joined me, and I got the update on the insane drama that is life for her right now. Insanity, man. Anyway, we both stuck to one drink and called it an early night. Then I finally caught up back home – I love being only 20 blocks from Steph… walking home gives me time to call my West Coast people… given that I’m not too drunk.

And now it’s the weekend! Off to be productive and whatnot.

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