What to say about last night? The plan to have celebratory drinks with Steph at the Wine Cellar quickly turned into one too many glasses of wine, getting accosted by “the mayor of 8th street,” and chatting up interesting boys. I’ve learned that apparently I’m great to be chatted up but not to be gotten digits from. But then again, when I’m plastered in a bar with loud music I chat up a guy and then can’t remember his name… This was part 2 of the night, at a new underground club on west 10th and Greenwich Ave. I don’t even know what it’s called. Enjoyed chatting up Mr. No-Name and adding to intoxication. Steph and I stumbled out and walked back (admittedly with great difficulty on my part), along with roller-blading Lou. Home by 2am. Functioning human again at 2pm. Oh, life.

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