Hmmm… so what’s been going on…

This week wasn’t that exciting, but it was just nice, knowing I start my new job Monday. Monday I discovered the library with Heather, and I am so in love! I got my library card on Wednesday. I love it. Books for free! Why did I not do this in college? Plus they have DVDs, including TV shows (they have Little Britain, Christine!!).

Tuesday and Thursday were dedicated to the US Open qualifying matches. They’re free, and since my mom isn’t coming out this year to pay for things, I figured I’d get my US Open fix for free. Saw some good matches and some promising young American players. Also, of course, I managed to see a shirtless Tommy Haas on the practice courts. It’s kind of necessary.

Wednesday I checked in with my new boss and went over the basics to prepare me for the first day. I’m really excited! I’ve thought a lot about my career path lately, and even though the fashion industry is pretty awesome, it’s also pretty insane. I kind of like the stability offered with [redacted], and websites in general. I like the path I’m on, basically. I’ll miss the access to Fashion Week and the fun and the craziness, but I’m not sure I’d be able to sustain it without completely losing my mind.

Thursday ended up being a great day. After a long day at the Open – I don’t know why, but I really like being out there alone – I met up with Kim for our traditional Heights lotto losing. Except, uh, we won! More specifically, I won, they called my name! So ridiculously cool! Except Karen was out again, but we saw a different understudy and she was great. The show is still amazing. I can’t get over it. Then we attempted to make the Slushee Sonny describes in the show and then went home. Being in the sun all day is draining. So while we missed Karaoke night, it was just so cool and random winning Heights lotto.

The weekend has been mellow. I don’t find myself really caring if I go out… I feel like I do enough during the week, and the weekends are so much crazier anyway. I’m loving my books checked out from the library, so it’s keeping me busy. Plus I’m starting to draft my first blogs for [redacted] and generally just hanging around. I realized I don’t always have a lot to say when people ask me what I’ve been doing… I mean, I keep busy, but I guess it’s just normal now… I’m in the city, I see friends, things happen. Which is good? I think.

2 thoughts on “Update?

  1. 1) Free DVDs = AWESOME (The corvallis library always has sucky DVDS= LAME) And you can’t go wrong with Little Britain ;)2) Hope the first day (and now second) of work went well!3) It’s sooo weird to be out of college an dactually have to be thinking of “what’s next.” No advisors to help now…4)Miss you lots!

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