New Job Time

Well, I survived my first week at [redacted]. I already had a pretty positive outlook going in, but I’ve been enjoying it. My boss was in the office the first two days so I managed to get settled in and have the other half of the editorial department with me. The website is going through a major overhaul for a relaunch soon – it’s all a little over my head in some areas, but it’s definitely exciting to be a part of a start-up.

Did I mention the free food before? Because it’s awesome. Although I think I’m going to have to forgo my excitement about the free coffee because I was getting the jitters by the end of the week. I clearly should just sleep better and not rely so much on caffeine. However, we have a sweet soda selection and other goodies that probably shouldn’t amuse me as much as they do.

Everyone on staff is really friendly, although I’m still not sure of most people’s names. It’s an open set up in theory, but as an editorial department of one I’m behind a wall and only hear voices and activity beyond it. But I’m usually buried in reading large groups of finance stories, so sometimes tuning out is good. I’m getting closer, little by little, to understanding everything.

All in all, it was a long week, but it was quite fulfilling. And it was a half day Friday and thanks to Labor Day I get a three-day weekend! I’ve spent the weekend relaxing so far. I was going to go out with Steph last night but decided to take some Tylenol PM and get a good full night of sleep to feel alive during the weekend.

Today I adventured out early to scout out some “business casual” items. It’s not super necessary, because the office definitely is more casual, but I like the idea of dressing up a bit for work. The Old Navy by me is on 34th, and sadly, does not have as much size-wise in stock. I found things but not in my size there and gave up. But after a nap I went out again to the one on 6th Ave. So much nicer, just a way longer walk… plus my knee and ankle on my left leg are still pretty jacked up and I know I’m not doing enough to help fix that. BUT I got the “capris” I liked there (that go to my ankle) and I am officially in love with Old Navy because they let me pretend to be a Size 2. Fantabulous.

Tonight is another chill night and the rest of the weekend proves to be that way. I know I’m going to eventually need to make more of an effort to make more friends and reconnect with people I’ve been slacking on calling… but I’m choosing to focus on being happily employed and then go from there.

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