It’s September!

Fall is knocking on the door… I’ve made it September. I have a feeling this is going to be an exciting month. I’m starting to get more involved at work… and I’m honestly really glad to be back after the three day weekend. I want order. Although going to the beach on Sunday was amazing – beautiful and I even went in the water! Nothing like some good sun.

Anyway, working on getting my stuff back in order now. The usually 9 to 6 with the weekend and having enough energy to have fun and whatnot. Sadly, my leg is verging on even more jacked up. I walk about a mile to work each way, and I don’t always remember to wrap up my leg – ankle or knee, I switch off. It’s kind of been killing me today. BUT going to a doctor is not something I have time for nor do I want to deal with right now. Why, oh why, do I always have the stupidest injuries?

Seeing Penny’s play this week, then hopefully Karen in In The Heights (Kim and I are buckling and getting the $80 seats right before show time to make sure she’s actually on). Friday is the first day of Fashion Week! Part of me wishes I could finagle myself in some shows – although Steph may be connected this time around – but I’ll enjoy at least just seeing the tents. There’s also the 20at20 for Off-Broadway shows, so I’ll get one or two of those in. The Broadway Flea Market is happening later in the month, which may be cool just to walk by… I get to experience a Cary Shields gig with Kim and the girls… it’s basically just cool that I’ll be here all the way through September!

I keep getting a little ahead of myself… I just need to enjoy what’s going on right now. And not get bored with things so easily like I always do. Moral of the story – I need to get back to the library to get 800 books and some DVDs.

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