Broadway Where’s Waldo?

The stupid internet is down at the webster again. At least they posted it at the front desk so I don’t have to have another frustrating call to tech support. Blogging via phone is interesting.

Today began at 5am heading out meet Maren at JFK and I awesomely managed to navigate us to the place she’s staying in Brooklyn. Then I got to take her and her Russian friend Maria around the city. Good food, wandering and catching up. I love having Maren here and that I get to see her off before France. I get to see her tomorrow night and on tues for lunch. Yay!

Now for my own reference so I don’t forget, I saw many the recognizable face today. At Columbus Circle I saw the Batterys Down people rehearsing and whatnot… and then again when we were sitting on a bench in Central Park the crew passed by. Later walking by Fashion Week I very well may have seen Kirsten Dunst. Hanging out at Bryant Park I also saw one of my old editors at Glamour. Love the fashion week. Sitting in the courtyard at 50th I saw a handful of Spring Awakening kids going to Blockheads, including the delicious Hunter Parrish. Then on my walk home I spotted Robin de Jesus crossing the street. Yay people watching.

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