No big deal… it’s just 4:50am and I’ve been up for over an hour… that’s not weird at all. I’m pretty sure I’m still drunk, but sleep is just not happening. I’m worried I’m becoming one of those people that can’t get back to sleep once they wake up. I don’t like it. But here I am, eating a granola bar, chugging some water and have the computer screen brightness toned waaay down.

Tonight was a lot of fun. Not to mention seeing Chace Crawford in the street on our way to the bar. That boy is gorgeous… but also kind of didn’t seem human? Interesting nonetheless. Way too much booze but good times and new friends. Drunkenly caught up with Christine on my walk home. Still haven’t been able to connect with Steph… hopefully we rectify this soon. Far too long not seeing her.

Looking forward to Naked Boys with Kim later today. And glad that besides a wine headache I think I’ll recover OK from tonight. Now if only I could get back to sleep…

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