"Tell them you’re going to a wedding… mine!"

I really need to catch up on sleep. And tv shows. Currently failing at both. However, tonight may have been one of the most hilarious nights Kim and I have ever had, especially considering we lost Heights lotto. Good times at S’Mac… although I question what they put in that mac n’ cheese that may have contributed to our state of mind.

I get to go home for Thanksgiving! And I get to take a whole week off, which dropped my plane ticket by $300. SO excited. But now that that is taken care of, I’ve realized it’s only October and there’s a lot going on before I get to go home.

Official site launch is next Tuesday. Then launch party sometime the next week. Then of course, Halloween. The first two weeks of November involve two Freestyle Love Supreme shows, and Kim and I have decided to go to both. Then my birthday. Then hopefully sometime in there a full time job offer. Then HOME.

I love the fall weather, but I really wish it wasn’t making me want to go shopping so badly. I’m trying to budget really well to save away money. And honestly, I’m probably budgeting myself out more than I need to… but the focus is on saving now. Hopefully I don’t go crazy. … I’ll rationalize my eventual shopping spree somehow.

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