"What about me?" *looks confused*

Sure, it hurt my soul a little bit that Kim and I lost lotto AGAIN tonight… but we made up for it. It’s been months since we showed up at New World, and we had a pretty freakin’ fun night. We first got fun supplies at Rite Aid (after unsuccessfully stopping at every Duane Reade we passed) and got a coloring book, colored pencils, some stick on letters and more. It was apparently the opening night for Rock of Ages at NWS. Later in the night I saw Constantine as I headed toward the bathroom downstairs and am pretty sure I saw Adam Duritz of Counting Crows downstairs while heading back to the bar. Lots of overly dressed up people and pretty boys abounded.

Given that it was Thursday, it was a good ol’ karaoke night. Of course, with some differences. But ultimately, just a fun, great night. Kim and I are awesome, obviously. And that’s what matters.
But seriously? I’ve gone out drinking the last three nights in a row. I’ve barely drank that much in the last two months. I am SO excited to stay home on the weekend and catch up on TV shows.

Oh also, thanks to Dylan, you all must check out this video, and the other response versions. Ridiculous. Classic.

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