October is almost over. Halloween is Friday. And it’s kind of making me sad. Each of my four years in Oregon have resulted in fabulous Halloween adventures with my favorite people… and I don’t know what I have here. It’s strange. I’ve been missing Oregon more lately… and with all this rain I’m really missing Oregon! Plus, I really don’t care about my birthday this year. It’s weird, but even at school when I didn’t have a core group of my own friends, I knew groups of people that I could combine or go to when big events happened. I guess I feel at a loss. And anyway, 22 is not that exciting. The only reason next year will be awesome is because my birthday will be Friday the 13th. Sweeet.

Things to be grateful for however (pre-Thanksgiving) is that I’m officially employed long term! And I get the title of Associate Editor. Very kick ass. And now I’ll be itching to find myself my own APT soon. The Webster has its moments where I don’t want to leave and want to take advantage of everything… but I think I’m ready to be done. Really not looking forward to the NYC adventure of brokers, landlords and putting together all my stuff and furnishing … but hopefully when I do it, it won’t be so bad.

I’m really excited to go home for Thanksgiving. For a whole week. I am beyond excited. I wish it was right now.

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