Shocking, I know

So I’ve been pretty aware that I haven’t been mentally with it lately and have been avoiding updating more because of it. But that changed a little with last night and being Halloween and all.

I was sorely missing Oregon, as I mentioned before, and was worried I would end up lame and alone on Halloween. Then Facebook reminded me that Krisja (who I managed not to see yet since I’ve been back in the city) was throwing a party at her place in Brooklyn. I thought, what better reason to go – catch up with Krisja, meet new people, be social and have a good time. And good times it was. I drank a lot of wine, met some cool girls and lots of people from Oregon in NYC, including some guys who are from Oregon but live in southern California. But it didn’t end there. We then went back into the city to another loft party where dancing ensued (I SO missed dance parties!) while chugging wine from a random abandoned bottle. I got home at 5am. And masses of people were still wandering the streets. In costume. I’m officially a fan of Halloween in New York.

Of course, all my errands for today have been put off, so hopefully I can sleep some more tonight and actually be productive tomorrow. I really am so glad I decided to go out last night though. Add that on top of Kim and I finally seeing Heights again on Thursday (BEST performance we’ve seen yet – everyone was on fire… or on something. Seriously. Ridiculous.) and I am feeling good.

I can’t believe it’s November. Before I know it I’ll be in CA for Thanksgiving. I may be saying this to an annoying degree, but I cannot wait to go home. And now I officially can’t wait to move out of the Webster. I need to live actually on my own. Convenience and free food be damned!

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