Oh right, today’s my birthday. But really, who cares? Well, obviously some people do… but I’m still un-enthused. I mean, I had a great night and all and have some weekend plans… but, eh. I don’t need the focus to be on me. I just like to hang out with my friends.

But I’m not mopey. Seriously. Just tired. Tomorrow will be loooong.

In The Heights was fantastic tonight, with Kim, of course. Sitting rear mezz made both of us remember how afraid of heights we were (heights… tee hee). But still enjoyed the first act a lot. Especially when Lin forgets the wine and still says his line… “Shiraz vintage 2008…” *awkward arm gestures* LOL I laughed so hard I cried and couldn’t stop for like five minutes. Probably a good thing we were in the last row instead of the first. Fantastic.

The second act we moved down the the front mezz on the right, which are GREAT seats. Quite possibly better than front row. But we’ll see if we say the same thing after winning lotto again. Which hopefully will happen before I go home for Thanksgiving. It’s scary how much this show makes me happy and… well, makes my life. And FLS. It’s an addiction, clearly.

I just ate way too many Max Brenner chocolates. Why is it not the weekend already?

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