Where the weather is above 60 degrees.

…I’m in major jet lag mode right now. It’s only 6:15 in California. I’ve been up since 7 am EST and was on a plane for 6 hours. I got confused and already thought it was an extra hour ahead since none of the clocks in my room had “fallen back.” I’m going to try and stay up until 9 tonight to try to keep my brain together.

So. Life. First, the best news, of course – I have a real apartment to live in! No more nunnery. Sweet. And all thanks to me acting on a whim and somehow finding a fantastic apartment and convincing the girls that live there to pick me. In a span of 5 days. I emailed them Friday night. Tuesday night I officially got the apartment. I’ll be moving in next weekend! Ah! Fantastic. I cannot wait. And they have kitties! It’s in a beautiful part of Brooklyn and I can buy the bed and the dresser from the original roommate. I have a home! And come February I’ll be able to go on the lease and sign on officially for a whole year. SO happy.

What else? Not much, just work and whatever. But I’ve been strangely content lately. It’s kind of weirding me out. Add in one week home and hopefully that will do me a lot of good for when I return.

There were things I wanted to take care of tonight and they’ve escaped me.

Random flight notes: I loved that How I Met Your Mother episodes were played, but I loved even more that in one montage Marshall was wearing an OSU tshirt. Mamma Mia, the movie-musical, is ridiculously cheesy and way too campy to be a good movie. In my opinion. I found myself oddly adoring the two little girls who were sitting in the row in front of me… is my hard shell cracking? Strange.

I should go back to watching Scrooged with the fam. Bill Murray in one of his finer movies. Oh my god, it’s only 6:18. Time is mocking me.

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