It’s gonna be a happy new year…

Sitting here watching a That 70s Show marathon, pretending to work from home, I realized it may be a good time to update.

Going home was pretty nice, although I think it would have been nicer to have an extra week. I only got two days of sun, but at least I utilized both by going to two different beaches. Back in the cold, snowy city I finally need to adjust to my real world.

This week was strange without everyone in the office, and coffee was getting in the way of my sleep schedule. New Year’s Eve was pretty awesome though, I got to watch all different seasons of The Office and stayed up until 7am. Still trying to recover from that.

Still torn on whether to go home to PV for my mom’s 60th. I think it would be a great surprise and everything, but that’s more traveling within the month and who knows how crazy work will be or if it’d work out. Maybe if I get a last minute $200/300 ticket I’ll do it. Surprise both parents! That would be fun.

Flights to Oregon in March are annoying. Basically no nonstop flights, which cuts into my ability to get the most out of my time. But I really can’t wait to go. I still miss Oregon a lot. And Christine and Maggie and Lisa and all of Corvallis’s little joys.

Super excited for Heights on Thursday. Kim AND Laura. It’ll be beyond fun. And front mezz seats!

I am scared for January at work. And my new 8am start time. Hopefully that will translate to a 430/5pm departure, aside from meetings.

I’m bored with updating. That 70s Show is winning.

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