Wednesday Night

A short rundown of Wednesday evening:
Meet Kim at lotto. Lose lotto. Ponder $41.50 side view orchestra seats. Get dinner. Come back and reject side view seats. Decide to go to NWS to see ABz for cheap. Stand on line for 10 minutes. Feel lame and awkward. Run away back to Heights, use discount code for center orchestra seats. Hang out at Mariott. Back to Heights for show. And the 11th time seeing it, it was the best show and the BEST finale yet. You’d think it was the first time we saw the show. It’s not fair how awesome this show is. Lin can’t leave.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night

  1. If this post doesn’t scream “New York Girl” I don’t know what does. You’re living out your dream- kudos madam (even if it’s not exactly what you pictured!) Not many people can say that…

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