I am Usnavi and you probably maybe heard my name…

What a weekend. A relaxing and restful Friday night. A Saturday night of blacking out on 3 glasses on wine. Ugh. Seriously, how did I deal with that happening constantly my freshman year of college?! Of course, I clearly need to raise my tolerance.

Sunday. Lin’s last show in Heights. AH. So amazing. It’s hard to believe he’s gone, I can’t just go anytime and see him be Usnavi anymore. The show was on fire, and with a few jokey things in there. Everyone was living it up BIG. The finale… so great… so emotional. The band playing “Simply the Best” and then “Beat It” at curtain call while Lin was dancing around. So cute. I’m so glad I got to experience it. Even the really annoying fangirl next to me was highly entertaining. I’m giving it some time and then Kim and I will try to lotto again to see Javier. And god, I don’t want to see this show without Kim again, but especially not alone. Stupid job keeping her from the Lin’s last.

Monday’s been nice, sleeping in, hanging around the apt. FINALLY seeing Kim up at the Beacon, after like forever.

Just made some mintchip cookies… Now to settle back in to the Top Model marathon I started earlier.

More Lin’s last pics.

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