Back on the streets of NYC…

Last night was a great reunion night. Finally caught up with Steph and Andrew was in town! Went to Bowery Poetry Club to see Sticky plays, including Penny’s awesome Pope moment. Lots of fun… wandered off to a diner, more drinks, drunk dialing Vardanega, Andrew drawing inappropriate pictures… failed at getting into a fashion week party with 5 guys, more drinks, then back the the APT to watch the Laker game. Lots of drunken eating and then I crashed on the couch. Like old times… sigh. Russ is coming in a few weeks, and Andrew will hopefully come back and we’ll almost be a complete old crew again! Hopefully will be going to Steph’s tomorrow for an Oscar gathering. Should be nice… have to work on seeing more of her again and staying in touch with people.

Weekends need to be longer. After the insanity of work lately I just want to hide out and enjoy detaching from it all.

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