20 Things

I had been stockpiling information to do the 25 things for Facebook, but I never finished, and then I forgot about it. But I really wanted to get it out of my drafts.

1. I never drank coffee until lived in NYC. And pretty much only drink it at work, and because it’s free.

2. I’m addicted to peanut butter and I find nothing wrong with always eating PB&Js.

3. I loved interning at Glamour, and I think going to Fashion Week was the main payoff of my time there. It’s not an industry I could work in full time in the long run… I think.

4. I’m obsessed with In The Heights. Especially all of Lin’s YouTube videos. It’s probably not healthy how much I watch them.

5. I apparently have perfect hearing, but I constantly have trouble hearing people… but maybe it’s because I can’t focus on things very well. So I nod a lot and laugh and hope no one was asking me a specific question.

6. I love editing and rewriting others work, but I never like what I write. I can’t read it or edit it much after. Then years later I read old journal entries and it’s like that writing wasn’t even me.

7. I firmly believe I have no idea how to make friends, and never have. I barely like people as it is… and I think all the great people I’ve been friends with have just kind of fallen across my path and I got lucky.

8. I’ve learned to balance my aversion to people when I need “me time” and to fully enjoy the awesome people in my life.

9. When I interned at Glamour I had to deliver clothing racks to Mariah Carey’s apt downtown. I was hung over as fuck and the traffic was horrific. But I have no shame bragging about it.

10. I honestly didn’t know my legal name was Susan until kindergarten, and I was pretty offended by it. There was only a brief period during middle school that I demanded to be called Susan.

11. I really suck at drawing, which is why I decided not to be an apparel design major after my first year. I kind of regret that a little. I miss making clothes and wish I learned how to drape.

12. I had no idea what a calorie was or how they factored into what you ate until college. Seriously.

13. I’ve been really lucky so far in life. The way I’ve relatively easily transitioned to Oregon, making great friends, getting in at the newspaper, working at Glamour, making city friends, moving to the city, getting a great job, great apt… lets hope that doesn’t run out.

14. I was at the Ford Models Christmas Party in ’07 and managed to get hit on by a 45 year old business man. Go me.

15. I only pulled one all-nighter in my academic career for a class project. And the event that caused my need for the all-nighter was so absolutely worth it.

16. Grammar and formatting continuity are my obsessions. I will judge you no matter what, but I’ll try to get past it.

17. I made spaghetti from scratch with my dad as a kid. It’s just about the only Italian thing I got from him.

18. I hate the phone. I am so awkward on the phone. I would rather text, but I still manage to be weird anyway. I overthink things.

19. JD Salinger’s Nine Stories is one of my favorite books and the most portable. I’ve read it so many times I can’t even remember.

20. I think I’ll always need to live close to a coast. Sitting by the water is so calming for me… living in Oregon intensified my love of nature.

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