Life Flow…

My mom will be in NYC in two weeks. Yay! US Open antics, touring Brooklyn, taking her to In The Heights… groovy.

I miss Heights a lot. I had to balance out my brooding N2N listening and realized I REALLY miss the show. Probably especially since the last time I went Jon was u/s Usnavi, and he just didn’t do it for me. Hopefully Mary and I will win lotto this week, but it’s nice knowing I have tickets already as well a few weeks from now.

Got up at the crack of work-time this morning to see Collin finish the NYC Half Marathon. It helped that I got enough sleep the night before, but I really enjoyed being out that early. Wall Street is cool at 8 in the morning. Then I reunited with the Ollie’s cats after being gone for two weeks. Patches and Violet moved upstairs and they are two of the most beautiful cats ever — I love their coloring! And totally forgot to take pictures of them. Boo. But I got pics of Micho acting adorable despite his surly nature. If I do end up moving into my own place eventually, deciding which cats to adopt is going to be the hardest thing ever.

I’ve begun PT for my knee. The intial appointment was good and believe it’ll help. However, 3 times a week already annoys me. Plus, I’m already sure I’ll forget to do the exercises at home on off days. I guess that means the 3 days of PT in office are necessary…

Experienced an Oregonian invasion this week. Tom came to NYC out of nowhere, but it was great to catch up. Plus, I love getting to show people around the city. Then Lindsay came into town, and of course, we went to see a show. She loved Next to Normal and was awesome for doing the rush for us. Great catching up with her too!

I’m debating not going home for Thanksgiving this year. It sort of pains me, but traveling that much over two months for two holidays seems silly. Except that I love Thanksgiving more than any other holiday or my birthday. But I think I should test it out this year. I’ll go home for a 3-day weekend at the end of September, do a pretend Thanksgiving in NYC and go home for Christmas. If it sucks and I hate it, I’ll make sure to go home next year. Decisions, decisions…

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