Italian Vacation = Success

The trip was amazing. And I was sick the entire time. But a stuffy nose and hacking cough (oy bruised ribs) would not stop me! We rocked our way through Rome and Naples and it was great fun.

We wandered, saw the sights and ate lots of food (mmm gelato, pizza and beers to-go). We even picked up some Italian along the way, however crappy. 😛

Randoms: Found Rome’s hot nightlife town. Finally saw the Sistine Chapel (No picture! Shhh!). Piazza Navona is sadly empty in the winter. There is no such thing as traffic rules in Italy. We stayed at great B&Bs with weird owners. Popped champagne off the balcony in Rome. No one eats dinner until 9, and even then you need to be in the right part of town to find a full restaurant (Winter really is an off-season I guess). Naples has gorgeous buildings and winding streets and very skilled graffiti. 15 feet tall statues in museums make me realize how scary it’d be if they came to life or fell on you. Rain clears out the streets. Running through Madrid’s airport to catch a flight is nuts. Gelato is always better than pastries. Wandering the streets at night, figuring out the subway… traveling with your love = win (should I say priceless? no, I won’t go there, haha)

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