Shock and Awww

OK, that playbill/promo image is still ridiculous, but wow did Corbin actually live up to the reviews! It’s weird knowing he just turned 21, but he has the charisma and singing ability that makes my heart warm during and after the show.

Janet as Nina is amazing.
Hot Michael was in the ensemble.
The new GP and Carla are not so awesome.
Still too soon to decide about the new Sonny. I HATE that they changed the Twinkie line, but that’s not his fault.
Andrea Burns, Chris Jackson, Eliseo = perfection. I don’t think I’ve seen Eliseo in over a year. So good.
Corbin was emotional and choked up DURING ‘Everything I Know’ and practically cried at his exit… omg. I haven’t cried at the show since Lin.

I can’t wait to go back to see Corbin again over the next 2 months. It makes me happy that the cast is mostly whole again with the same energy as before. And I love that Ricky is back in the ensemble, I love watching him. Several new ensemble people as well, overall very good.

Note to self: Lotto during snow storms or impending snow storms is a great idea!

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