A Glimpse of Spring

At least for the next few days it will be nice. Then comes to rain and less desirable weather, which is convenient, because in a little over a week C and I will be in the PNW!

I’ll be returning to the rain and clouds to visit my lovelies in Seattle, Corvallis and Portland over the course of a week. The lucky boy will be taken forcibly through my nostalgia on campus at OSU and will be rewarded with great cheap bars. There’s even a beer and wine festival in Portland! Couldn’t be better.

If I didn’t have friends all over the Northwest to visit in my rationed time off work, I’d probably go back state by state and region by region. The whole west coast feels like a part of my life, and I intend to go back and visit often. Obviously California (the peev, my beach and all those other parts of the state – ha), Oregon, Washington, and even sketchy hostels in Vancouver are near and dear to my heart.

One day when I have more time and money I want to rent a car to travel up or down the whole west coast. Whether that happens before or after my hopeful cross-country road trip is debatable. And totally imaginary since none of this will probably happen for a long time.

Ramble, ramble…

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