Uncertain Future

It’s sunny and warm outside. If you forget about the gross humidity business, it’s perfect. After spending a week in the rainy, cool (and cool, har har) Pacific Northwest, this weather is lovely to come home to. But it’s been a lonely week at work, and it’s sad to see things slowly come to an end. I don’t really think about my future career (err, okay, I do, but… see below) but I like focusing on how great it was to have an awesome first job in NYC. Nice, fun coworkers to drink and work with (reverse that?) and learning about web and more in the process.

But now it’s closing time. At 23, I choose to see this as an opportunity. Should I go back to school and move forward in my degree by choosing textiles as a specialty? Who knows. Freelance at several places? Find an editorial job at another company with more desirable content? Or hell, just an established company in general? Ha. Maybe I’ll stop dragging my heels and finally get a sewing machine (I have a blog idea that is possibly awesome or lame).

That whole needing an income and health insurance thing is a drag in the euphoria of having options once again, but I want to remain hopeful. I do remember how six weeks of unemployment drove me nuts two years ago, but this time I’ve prepared myself financially instead of being a poor college grad who moved 3,000 miles to try to find a job. Still, the cat lady life is always on the table.

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