The rage and love, the story of my life

Saturday was a lot of things for me. It was the first full day of life recovering from the massive hangover of being laid off (and the subsequent drinking to forget). It was also the first full day I had to think about actually being without a job, not the just the impending news while still being cocooned in having an office and coworkers to see daily. That might be why I had some unusual, as well as predictable, reactions to seeing American Idiot for the first time.

But first! The lottery situation at Idiot was madness, but luckily Mary has awesome friends who came to help us, because that’s how we won tickets. After a rushed lunch, we were finally waiting in the theater, front row, to see a show I knew was more of a rock concert mash-up of the Green Day album in a 90-minute fast paced show. The stories are told in the lyrics with minimal dialog that’s sung more often than spoken.

The premise is simple and relate-able: three friends decide to make something of their lives and end up on very unique paths. The energy of the show is powerful, so even if the music is pounding and it isn’t an emotional moment, I found myself tearing up at random moments (which I assume is from wondering where the hell my own life is going to head). I haven’t been able to get 21 Guns out of my head… in the context of the show it’s breathtaking. This is the kind of show, for me, that ends leaving me exhilarated as well as a little confused. Mainly, I look forward to seeing it again after listening to the cast recording and approaching the show again from a new perspective.

The rest of the day was spent with friends and the boy… hanging out, munching and boozing (lightly). Even though there’s no job for me to go to on Monday, this is still the end of my weekend. I have to start planning, start figuring out what I want, and start making lists to fill my days. What’s next? Hopefully something fulfilling, something fun. Outside of my future career, there is plenty to look forward to in the coming months in the form of travel, celebrations and more, so I’ll be focusing on the positive. Mostly.

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