Relearning, Reframing

Somehow I always knew there’d be an end to the free snacks and drinks in my office. Of course, that’s because my company went under and I no longer am privy to that joy. If I could sneak back into the building I would stock up on goodies like I used to encourage my own friends to do.

Now I live in unemployment land, and I’m re-learning how live my daily life. I have to buy more groceries before and actually decide what to eat at all times. Chelsea Market is no longer a catchall for being indecisive. I have to get creative. Have a routine. I need to re-frame how I look at having an open day and what I want to accomplish in the short and long term.

I’m somewhat lost at the moment. Most people in my situation hurried to new jobs or are head strong in their searches. I’m… floating? I’m buying that sewing machine this week. I will get crafty. I need to write more often since it’s been a while since I did any writing for the old job. (Old job? aw, that’s sad-making) I want to figure out my voice again. Create writing tasks covering what a love: Broadway, fashion, entertainment, travel, daily observations, etc. I keep feeling like I need to justify to myself that I can take this time slowly and not only enjoy the freedom but also turn it into something for the future.

Several things this morning have left me feeling sad/teary/angry/discontented, etc. But the only thing I can link to is this, which I find to be so heartbreaking: A Mother’s Loss, a Daughter’s Story

On another note… can someone please pull me away from the American Idiot cast recording? I can’t stop. Must. See. Again. Soon.

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