Stitches on the Horizon

No really, I’m totally getting that sewing machine. Seriously, this week. I mean it! Okay, I’ve been lazy. And now the weather is crappy and I don’t have the urge to pick up a sewing machine at Target and lumber back home with it. But I will. Self-accountability: right here.

I moved to New York 21.5 months ago with a degree in merchandising, experience in journalism and found a job in personal finance. Now I am jobless with too much free time and no excuse not to alter my clothes myself, create new cute dresses and design an occasional embarrassing cat outfit.

What if I had a sewing machine from day one in NYC? I could have…

  • done my own alterations on my bridesmaid dress
  • hemmed pants of my own and the roommate variety, because finding pants that fit perfectly is a hilarious joke
  • started an Etsy store to have a side stream of income no matter where my career goes
  • easily eased boredom by playing around with new designs and old patterns
  • started my own line of cat-wear

What will I really be doing when I finally acquire my sewing machine? We’re about to find out. (Soon… I promise)

One thought on “Stitches on the Horizon

  1. Definitely time for the sewing machine…I'll even help you carry it! 😀 (Yes, I'll temporarily set aside my hatred of Target for the greater good)

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