Running the Course

Unemployment probably unfolds differently for everyone, given your age, financial situation, etc. I have a vague idea about how everything will pan out for me. But just for fun, let’s look at the potential, generic course of reactions.


Oh, hey, I know this! I’m still in the confused state of being home every day and not being totally sure of what that means. Do I check for jobs and scrounge around like a crazy person? Do I read blogs all day? Play with the cat? Read 800 books a week? It’s all still so new. The plus side is having free time and not being too tired from work to hang out with friends. Then I remember that I don’t have work to make me tired or have fun stories to share. Sometimes I feel boring. What else should I be doing with my day? I’ve already cut my hair once, if I continue to find myself without anything to do, I may end up bald. Or worse, blond.


The perk of being jobless at the end of spring is, of course, the impending great weather that will lead me to be outside all the time and to travel. I assume that’s when my excitement will kick in, when I can sit in the park and work, wander aimlessly or just absorb any of the general happiness I feel when the sun is shining brightly. Just don’t talk to me about the humidity, okay?


I like continuity, so there. This is usually the stage you hear the most from formerly unemployed people. Unemployment sounds fantastic to many in a crappy work situation or who just feel tied down. Then you receive your freedom and run around like a crazy person wishing you had a schedule to… tie you down. I think this stage may be inevitable, but it could turn out to be not as dire for me depending on where my time goes. If I continue to write consistently and make clothes/crafty projects, then I’ll be busy enough to assuage the crazy, as well as have something to show for my time away from an office. Who knows, maybe my projects will lead me right into a new career path.

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