The Story of the Susie Cake

2004, Cake Eating on the Bleachers


Five 15-year-old girls. One AP European history class. A shared obsession with baking. This is how the Susie cake was created. If you’re going to study for hours on end and act like maniacs with amazing people, why not fuel that with some cake? But it has to be special, so we saved it for birthdays. I’m a little fuzzy on the debut of this cake, but I do remember thinking I had a genius idea: yellow cake + chocolate frosting + cookie layer = foodgasm.

The basic premise: Two layers of yellow cake, one layer of cookies in between with cookies crumbled on top. Of course, my master chef and bestie, Miss Anthony, has perfected and re-perfected the recipe over the years. However, she still gives me credit and even created a Facebook group for me. That’s the big times, y’all:

My arsenal of photography sadly still resides in California, so we’ll make do with the cake photos I can find. One weekend Miss Anthony came to beautiful Corvallis and helped make a another cake with princess-sprinkle cookies. YUM. And princess-y.

The cake has no only served it’s purpose in showing my friends that I want them to be in a sugar coma on their birthday/celebration/whatever, it’s also helped me win over people. It was a two-for in December 2008 when I made the cake for my office holiday potluck and my roommates started drooling. I kept them at bay with delicious mint chocolate chip cookies, but I had to make good on the deal eventually. Here the result came with sprinkles on top:

Come on and grab a piece!

PS: I’ve been told by many and can only assume this cake is not really mine, and probably has a real name in a real place and someone else owns it. But la-la-la-la-la I can’t hear you! I’m just enjoying this moist piece of cookie-and-cake…

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