Mumble Jumble

A recap of the last few days…

Thursday night I reunited with Kim, where we reunited with our old 2007 selves. We decided to head back to the Time Out Lounge for karaoke night and to see our fave bartender and catch up and of course, drink. Unfortunately, three years have passed since we were in our prime at the lounge. We both felt fuzzy after our first sangria and headed upstairs to hang out in the courtyard after karaoke became crazy. Tamra joined us, and then we celebrated Kim’s birthday at midnight. And then… we went to bed. Old people, we are.

Bartender love = to-go cups for drinking outside:
This weekend C and I traveled to PA to hang out with his parents and explore. The weather was hot, but we managed to do a lot of wandering. The last time I was out there was for Thanksgiving, and it was too cold to do any real exploring. This time around we walked along the water at Valley Forge, took a picturesque and sweltering walk through downtown Philly, drove around (I do miss driving sometimes) and helped out for a big dinner party.

I found a great dress at TJ Maxx of all places, but it wasn’t in my size. It’s a new mission for me, even though I don’t normally love strapless types:We watched the Kentucky Derby, which reminds me of Fashion Week in the a sense. Everyone kept saying how incredible that all that preparation went into a 2 minute race – the first time I went to a show, I thought I’d be off work for the day, and my boss was like, “You’ll be done in half an hour.” You spend more time waiting for the show to start. Craziness. We even got two movies in, The Fantastic Mr. Fox (awesome and weird) and The Art of the Steal (intriguing and sad-ish).

I have some new cat loves. One is a mini-Mini in the form of C’s mom’s cat. I may steal her next time we’re there.And how can you not love a pissy looking cat named Winston? Who has his own following online? It’s hopeless.

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