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Near the end of high school, I became a scrapbooking fiend. My friend Megan showed me her elaborate, beautiful scrapbooks of high school events and I realized it was absolutely necessary to start putting together my own memories. Hooray for the internet and digital photos and all that, but dude – I cannot live without hard copy prints. I didn’t even buy a digital camera until my sophomore year of college. (More embarrassingly, I still used a CD Walkman until getting an iPod that same year.)

My high school scrapbook isn’t great, since it was started late and I had to do a lot of backtracking. When it came to college, I was intense. On the major holidays when I came home, I went full force into printing out pictures. I itemized, organized and bought thematic sheets for each page and scrapbooked the crap out of each term of college. Of course, it was important to have a separate scrapbook just for trips outside my years in Oregon. I make extra work for myself, it’s cool.

I’ve only just now begun putting together photos since I moved to NYC. However, there aren’t any really defining periods since I plan on living here for quite a while. That requires a new game plan. I managed to only get three scrapbooks/albums. One large album for my trip to Italy with C. One album with notations for my first year in NYC. The last one is a scrapbook (additional pages can be added) that is called “Events and Excursions.” That allows me to include any and every kind of event or small trip. Hopefully it’s enough to curb my insane desire to categorize everything.

One day soon when I return to California it’s my mission to clean out a lot of my old belongings. Most stressful task ever, because I hoard. Essential keepsakes vs. stuff that might mean something one day if I find it but probably won’t care because I have too much stuff.

Unfortunately, I have a large amount of hap-hazard albums, albums with cross-over photos or photos in bags that I never did anything with, as well as random papers, diaries, journals, etc. *cue my brain exploding at the thought of organizing* I need about a week to go through everything and a large suitcase or two to fill up and take back what is most important to me.

Exhibit A (What I Randomly Brought to NYC):

Basically, I have store up a lot of mental strength before I can tackle this task in a small time frame. It stresses me out thinking about it, and several times recently I’ve had to hold back from just tossing everything. One day, though, one day it’ll all be blissfully organized.

Side Note:

Cinco De Mayo on Wednesday. I loved the cook out celebrations we had in Oregon. I’d never gone out to a bar/restaurant for the occasion. But it couldn’t be as bad at St. Patrick’s Day, right? Wrong! Even in Brooklyn, do not try to go to a Mexican restaurant at 9 p.m. The places are packed, with hours-long waits and they run out of chips and beans. Chaos!

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