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Thanks, Mom

It’s Mother’s Day! All I could do was chat with mine on the phone earlier, so in addition to my most recent craft project, I present a mommy-dedicated post.

My mom has been a strong influence in my interests growing up, and it’s something for which I’m grateful. Of all the things my mom has shared with me (including learning French, musicals, tennis and Oregon), learning to sew is probably my most treasured skill. I started sometime in elementary school, and by fifth grade I was making basic jumper dresses.

Thanks to my mom, I discovered my love for fashion, clothes and creation. It’s why I decided to be an apparel design major (…which eventually became merchandising management) and to move to Oregon. It’s what took my life on the path I’ve been on for so long and brought on so many great experiences.

While the majority of my creations (hit and miss) are stored in boxes, there are a few I show off proudly. Funny enough, even though strapless dresses aren’t my favorite, two of my best creations are in that form.

First, my red satin princess seam dress I made in high school – lets be honest, it just barely still fits and I may never wear it again, but it looks nice. Second is a dress I made with boning in the bodice that I like best with a t-shirt underneath. The third is a dress pattern of my mom’s from the 70s that I messed with … er, altered.

The reason my mom is great can be summed up in my love for fashion and everything that came after: she always has pushed me to take chances and get out of my comfort zone. And that’s how I ended up unemployed in New York City after a stint at a personal finance website. Ba dum chh! Seriously, though, the support and love of a parent who lets you move across the country without complaining and wants you to succeed just reminds me how lucky I am.

On to the present: My most recent, non sewing machine project – boot alteration

I love comfortable boots, and while the boots I have are runner-ups to my favorites that died a few years ago, they’ve served their purpose well. However, I always cringed walking through my quiet office with the clanking of the belt buckles on the sides of the boots. They were lightly secured, but over time frayed at the zipper and felt like an unneeded weight on my legs.

What to do in this situation? Cut the suckers off, obviously. It’s not perfect, I’ll admit, but it’ll do.

Before and after:
I never realized how in love I was with my seam ripper before (fabric glue is #2 in my heart), but I miss it so much with little tasks such as this. I made due with scissors to take off the strap. The belt loop leaves to worst mark after removal – a seam ripper really would have been essential here.

I’ll probably play around with the minor residue left on the sides of the boots, but I don’t think it’s too offensive. After test driving them on a walk to the grocery store, I found the boots to be so much lighter and they felt fantastic. Success!

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