For the Love of Clothing

I’ve had a love affair with Nordstrom since my teenage years. My dad has been buying his suits there forever, so we’ve had a steady stream of cash-back coupons thanks to him. Luckily I never felt much peer pressure to spend more than I should on basic clothing, given the town I grew up in, but I could never say no to $15 sunglasses (which I’d constantly lose) and durable tanks and tees that cost more than they should. It’s safe to say that is where my accumulation began.

It should be noted that I have Nordstrom on the brain since I discovered a Nordstrom Rack has opened in Union Square. I had never heard of this discount outlet until college when my friend brought me to one in Seattle. Amazing finds. Love it. I’ll be running out the door to check it out when I’m done here.

My brain is often lives in a crazy place between hoarding and cleaning. As I mentioned before with keepsakes, I also hoard clothing. Probably not as much as I think though, since I managed to merge my stuff into a studio apartment with C. One key to having a cleaner closet: move all the time. It’s helped me clean out so much over time.

Chronology of moving:
– In to the dorms Sept. 2004
– Back home for the summer June 2005
– In to my apartment Sept. 2005
– Back into the dorms Jan. 2006
– In to my own studio June 2006
– In to an NYU dorm June 2007
– In to a women’s dorm in NY August 2007
– Back to a new studio Sept. 2007
– Graduation, moved home June 2008
– In to my friend’s one bedroom in NY July 2008
– Back to the women’s dorm August 2008
– In to my Park Slope apt Dec. 2008
– Moved in with C in Feb. 2010

I’m exhausted just remembering all that. But with each move, I cleared out what I didn’t need, or didn’t want to pack or just got sick of looking at. Donation centers love me. Unfortunately I still hold on to items because “you never know” when they may come in handy.

Outside the winter stuff in storage, I managed to fit almost everything in this wardrobe and dresser:
Additionally, since I don’t know where I’ll end up job-wise, I need all the variety I can get. Working at a start-up website spoiled the crap out of me. When I returned to school after a summer at a fashion magazine I tried to dress up more thinking that I’d have to get used to it soon after graduation. Then I wound up at a place where business casual to sneakers and jeans were the dress code.

I was trying to go somewhere with this, but I think I lost track. I think it’s time to get out of the apartment. It looks like spring may actually be returning despite winter’s effort at a coup earlier this week.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Clothing

  1. You're definitely good at storing things…and taking up very minimal space in our one built-in closet, I might add. Your soon-to-develop (I'm sure) obsession with the Nordstrom's on Union Square might complicate things, though. Still…I guess we could always kick Mini out to make more room? (kidding :P)

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