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Flanders Nachos and Union Square

It’s great to have a any kind of Nordstrom store in NYC. I know rents are high and blah blah blah. I’m currently a little angry with Union Square, although its easy access off the Q will make me forgive it eventually.

I get that people with agendas, volunteer work or donations needed do whatever they can in a public forum. On my way to Nordstrom Rack, however, I witnessed some insane behavior. There were 6 or more people within a half block, holding clip boards and going up to people trying to shake their hands and motioning others to take off their earphones, and then the next person would harass them if they made it through the first wave. Seriously? Seriously?

I’ve even been that person, to lesser degree. I solicited donations in front of grocery stores in Oregon for Circle K (not the convenience store, but still, strange things were afoot). One key lesson I learned is that the method in which you approach someone actually matters. I only regret not finding out who they were working for to let someone know what douches their workers are.

Anywaaayyyy anger management knocking… I made it into Nordstrom Rack and had a grand ol’ time. The store has only been open 4 days, so I feel like in some time they’ll figure out all the kinks. It already is incredibly efficient with dressing room attendants and digital display for check out. In my usual no-nonsense shopping style, I was out in an hour with two cute new dresses for summer. (And a new desire to clean out my closet. Again.)

After a clearly exhausting adventure, I had to refuel with egg + cheese + salsa and Flanders nachos. Thanks to Netflix I’ve been able to rekindle my love of The Simpsons in their glorious early seasons. (Side note: I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV until high school, but watched The Simpsons with the fam since I was probably 10. Silly parents)
One episode has Bart and Lisa stuck with the Flanders family. Ned offers up nachos, Flanders style, in the form of cucumber and cottage cheese. I like these two ingredient separately, so why not try the weird concoction? Result: I should have agreed with the cringing Simpson kids. While not terrible, I’d rather cook up some real nachos any day.

And now the warm weather has returned, just in time for some fun Brooklyn activities this weekend. A Franklin Street celebration for Saturday and a street and record fair on Sunday. I’ll just have to do my best to drag C away from that whole “school” and “finals” thing.

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