Hittin’ a Stride

I won’t say that I’m actually hitting my stride, because who knows what that is, but I’m definitely feeling like I’m on a good track right now. A full weekend of sun and wandering, plus a productive Monday can do that to a person.

Friday night C and I had dinner at a Mexican place below Washington Square. I made the error of ordering a burrito that had lettuce instead of rice. No rice in a burrito does not really equal a real burrito in my eyes. Good thing we had a large order of guacamole to make it a full meal for me. The best part, thanks to our waiter’s error, is that we received large margaritas instead of small ones. Win!
The night was young and we decided to walk home across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a gorgeous night, despite being extremely windy (helped beat the heat, though). I wasn’t wearing the best shoes, so I knew I’d be in pain the next day, but a little ice cream at home helps to forget all that.

Saturday and Sunday involved a lot of walking around parts of Brooklyn, to the flea market and beyond. Sometimes you just need a small cup of Uncle Louie G‘s to set off on a path. Italian ices may be my new summer essential. My peanut butter cookie dough “water ice” [C’s words, not mine] was amazing!

Another new favorite activity is wandering after our hearty ‘usual’ breakfast at Outpost on the weekends. Yup, we go so often we have a usual and know the staff – a new thing for me. I’m not the type to frequent a coffee shop on my own, but this place is all kinds of awesome. And a heavy, delicious peanut butter bagel requires a long walk afterward. If only we’d thought about that before walking the 5th Ave street fair on Sunday. There were many amazing smelling foods, but we were too full to indulge. What I did indulge in: awwwing over the adorable kittens and cats in the BAFN booth. It may be the way C and I will test out having a second kitty before we adopt one officially.

Last night I spent the night with Kim, enjoying vodka lemonades and Mexican food in the courtyard at our beloved Blockheads, and we spent the night talking about life and everything (read: a little bitching, being dramatic, ridiculous stories). Sometimes it’s just necessary.

Probably the most significant improvement: I’m getting more confident with the whole ‘applying to jobs’ thing. Cover letters seriously suck. But I pounded out two more yesterday, for two very different jobs on opposite ends of my career spectrum, but I feel accomplished.

Balancing the job hunt with fun outdoor activities, fun times with friends and reading an awesome book is working out nicely for now. Add in the spontaneous trip C and I will be taking next week (we decide the destination day-of) and some fun summer plans (including more travel, yay!) and everything is looking up.

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