Sewing Misadventures

From Romper to Jumper

There are days where I get antsy and don’t know what to do with myself. And when it’s been a thousand degrees plus humidity, taking a stroll in the neighborhood isn’t the best idea. Thankfully, the weather is no longer so bad. C and I managed to make the most of the nice days with a 6-mile hike on Friday and 36-mile bike ride on Saturday. What to do on Monday when everyone else is at a real job? Crafty project, of course.

I bought this romper last summer at a thrift shop in Brooklyn, knowing it was too big but figuring I could make the most of it as-is. But I never wore it outside the house except when I was heading out to get covered in fur while hanging out with some kitties.
(Mini the cat makes more sneak appearances in my pictures.)

I figured I could turn the shorts into a skirt and take off the straps to create a halter top. I (still) don’t have a sewing machine or any real sewing materials (pins and fabric scissors, I need), so I had to do my best with tight hand-stitching and eye-balling measurements.

Basically, the work was successful, but just like in all sewing projects where I cut corners, there are some drawbacks. The length of the romper isn’t really conducive to a skirt, so practical wear is only achievable with leggings. The skirts is also a little tight – it seems I forgot about having hips for a minute there. I still love working on designs, even if they don’t work out. Learning is fun, right? Although designs are way cooler when they’re easily wearable.
As my brain gets exhausted hunting down jobs and wondering just when I’ll hit the line where I give up finding my next career and just find a paycheck to fill my days, I feel my craving for creativity grow and grow. You’ll be seeing me at more Broadway shows, cutting up and sewing my clothes and wandering around the city finding places to write and think. I’d been so lucky up to this point, so now that I’m jobless and direction-less, I’m a little frustrated to feel the need to create and do things without knowing what I really want to do. Is my quarter-life crisis coming early?

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