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Just Another Adventure

I can often be a high-strung person. A control freak, if you will. Somehow, though, when it comes to travel, I never get too ruffled when things go wrong. I’ve been hassled an unbelievable amount of times trying to fly out of PDX during college, spent epic hours trying to cross the border into Canada on a road trip and have run like hell to meet a plane connection across an airport (twice), among other adventures.

Most recently, C and I have run into issues traveling by plane and by bus. Sometimes when you try to fly to Colorado, you get delayed several hours, stuck on a plane, miss your connection, get another flight later to a different airport and wind up at your destination 24 hour later.

Or, say, you take Megabus from NYC to Philly on an unassuming Friday afternoon, but your driver decides to drive off course and mumble incoherently, then pulls over in middle-of-nowhere New Jersey with a popped tire, causing passengers to make some new friends and take taxis at a discounted rate into Philly. Plus side? I found a ten-pound note in our car. Woo!

In other news, there is no news. This week will be a busy one, but after a weekend in Philly with C’s family there isn’t much to report. Except that I should probably stay away from Forever 21 in the future, since they’re causing me to increase my cat t-shirt collection.
No, I was not aware this was a kid’s shirt when I found it. And no, I have no shame that I still had to buy it anyway.

A much smaller adventure we had was arriving at C’s mom’s house when no one was home. Luckily there were alert kitties to monitor our presence.
Have I mentioned I’m the crazy cat lady? Because I am.

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