Speaking of Adventures…

This year is quite the year of travel for me. In the past the majority of my travels led me to spend time in NYC (so surprising I decided to move here, huh?), but I haven’t been to that many different places.

Well, it looks like traveling is the other addiction I’ve appropriated from Collin along with coffee. It’s kind of awesome. Now I just need a ton of money, I’ve already got the free time! A glimpse at this year’s adventures and what is to come:

European getaway to Rome and Naples


Friend visiting in Seattle, Corvallis and Portland 


Spontaneous trip to Newport, Rhode Island 


Family vacation in Telluride, Colorado

Why not visit Anchorage, Alaska?


Visiting my family and my beach in Palos Verdes, California

What will the remaining three months bring? Maybe another European adventure? Or a New Orleans visit? There are many options on the (admittedly dorky) list I’ve posted on our kitchen wall.

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