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Oh, hi.

Collin and I have returned from Alaska today. We left Friday evening. Not unlike the long trip over there, I feel very disoriented right now. And we must make ourselves stay awake until a decent hour, although neither of us slept much on the red-eye.

I may have rocked out listening to the American Idiot cast album multiple times in a row… which for the record, is not great when you’re trying to sleep and Tony Vincent’s voice jumps out in “Know Your Enemy.” Woah, wake up! However, bribing me to climb steep mountains with playing the cast album on drives works very well. After seeing the show twice the week before leaving on this trip, I’m sort of verging on obsession in terms of seeing the show again. There is so much to analyze and watch and discover each time! Theater junkie needs her fix.
We had several moose sightings and one black bear with cub encounter on a path. There’s a lot of “bear-anoia,” so you spend most of your hikes talking loudly and making noise, but bear encounters almost never end badly. Still kind of freaky, though. But I was wearing plaid flannel, so I felt powerful.

Why yes, I did win a stuffed monkey in the claw machine at Fred Meyer

Anchorage and the surrounding areas are beyond gorgeous. Not only did it remind me of Oregon, but they had Fred Meyers too! Everyone needs to experience a Fred Meyer in their life. It’s everything you need in one place. And there will always be something you need at Freddy’s.

I should stop because I know I can’t make much more sense the way my brain feels right now. Later we shall adventure to dinner somewhere nearby and continue to adjust to the hot temps here. NYC decided to be a jerk and have cool weather while we were gone. UNCOOL.

One thought on “Oh, hi.

  1. "which for the record, is not great when you're trying to sleep and Tony Vincent's voice jumps out in "Know Your Enemy." "THIS. Always scares the bejeezus out of me.

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