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More travel and old blogging past

It’s lovely back in NYC, especially with the weather shifting slowly to fall. The onset of the fall allergies… not so lovely. Still, I’m happy to have some permanence in the city again for now. Alaska was great, as was LA (err, PV really), but doing both trips over the course of 2.5 weeks was quite the travel overload. And in a month Collin and I will be traveling again. (More on that at a later date…)
the job hunt continues… and stalls

When looking for jobs, I often will Google my name to see what shows up on the first page. I’ve done a lot of writing for several publications, so articles will show up in various forms. Other weird things pop up sometimes, thanks to site aggregates in relation to news, Twitter or personal data. Reading articles about “the future of privacy” make me a little nervous, but at the same time, clearing out your online world is a lot to tackle.

Then I came up with a new idea and decided to search my usual username. What did I find? Oh, just my old Diaryland account. Diaryland… wtf? Yes. From high school. Good lord I was such an angsty teen, and my writing is a surprising display of my immaturity at the time. (While re-reading my hand-written diaries I tend to marvel at how well I expressed myself… go figure.) Realizing I have this information still online is pretty weird.

beach and sun are way more fun with someone

It had been almost nine months since I was last home. Having Collin come with me was so much fun. I may require him to always come from now on. I’m not a huge fan of freeway driving or LA roads, but we went on some great adventures I wouldn’t normally do. We found Collin’s home from the first few years of his life in Pasadena and rode all the way down Sunset Boulevard. We even saw the LA IAC building, which was exciting for a second. We visited with my high school friends at OHOP – Original House of Pancakes, which I only just learned originated in Portland, OR. We met up with Collin’s NYU friends currently in LA at a seriously delicious Mexican place in Santa Monica – I had forgotten how much I liked that area. I made sure we scouted out Mexican food during the whole trip, obviously. We had plenty of beach time. We even played tennis. All in four days – good times.

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