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Will they, won’t they…

Have you ever hoped – I mean, really hoped – for the positive diagnosis of a disease, injury or infection? No, just me? It’s been five months and I feel like super-crazy hypochondriac girl. But I have to assume that constantly having a high temperature and almost dying/being unable to breath/intense rib pain while running 0.4 miles is probably not normal. And those are just the major symptoms. And I may have exaggerated the “almost dying” part.

I’ve ruled out several causes this summer and I’m about ready to give up figuring this out. Actually, I had broken up with my desire to diagnose this ailment, but I went crawling back last week asking the doctors to try once more.

Now I’m waiting back on some more test results. And I have to consider filling a prescription to test another theory. And I have to decide whether or not to call in my referral to a cardiologist. I may have Cobra coverage for my health insurance after being laid off, but basically, all of this blows.

All I know is what I’m feeling is not right, but Googling only gets you so far in trying to put a name to your problems. (And it also always convinces me I’m dying. So. Not the best idea.) I might as well wait until some major symptom knocks me out and gets me diagnosed.

I love watching House. I’ve even got Collin watching it now from the beginning. (Score one more for my TV education of the boy!) I would love to have someone throw me in a room with a real House team and have someone figure out what the eff is wrong with me. I also love Dead Poets Society. Who else watched House for the first time and went “OMG, it’s that dude!” when they saw Dr. Wilson? I want to go watch that movie again.

On a lighter note, my cat has absolutely zero tolerance for change. Moving furniture around, vacuuming, taking things off the wall, cleaning the windows… it all disturbs her inner calm. Apparently. With the potential/likely move on the horizon, this does not bode well for the furry woman in our lives. Kitty Valium, anyone? Anyway, this is the look of a cat frozen with fear.

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