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Halloween, Past and Present

Halloween is a fun time of year. If parties and costume ideas align, then I am so there. This is probably the first year since I was 15 that I really put much effort into to having a good costume. It was Collin’s idea, and I’m thrilled since last year we couldn’t go out together since there was that little NYC Marathon the next morning.

During my college years, I had varying degrees of success without putting in much effort. My freshman year my friends and I dug through the Goodwill piles, and I came up with an awesome sweater to cut and booty shorts. Putting on some bright makeup and wearing a side ponytail, and I was set as an 80s gal.

Brought to you by my disposable camera

Sophomore year my efforts were rather pathetic, but worked out well. I bought an FBI hat while visiting NYC, and paired it with a white collared shirt, shorts and boots. Boom! Costume. An added bonus is that one of my friends bought a kid’s SWAT costume. We were a great team.

SWAT and FBI out to get you

Junior year once again was all about one piece making the costume. My friend Ashley offered her ladybug wings, I found a shirt/dress to cinch at the waist (and yes, I’m pissed that I lost it because it rocked) and once again, instant costume!

Miss Muffet & the Lady Bug, killer beer pong team

Finally, senior year brought another round of simplicity. My mom sadly did not save many of her sewing creations, but she did still have a hot pink mini dress from the 70s. This costume came out again the next year for my first Halloween in NYC, as well. I consider it my effortless stand by, from now on.

Keepin' it Klassy

Last year I made a sad attempt as dressing up as a nerd (hard to do that when you live the costume! ba dum shhh) and didn’t go out so I could cheer on Collin the next day. It was totally worth it, I might add. But I am STOKED that we dressed up this year. Not only that, but we did it couple-costume style. Cheesy nerd alert, I love that so much. We had to buy costumes, but it was necessary. You see, we were Where’s Waldo and Where’s Wanda. I didn’t know the chick version had a name, but there you go. I found some $6 pants I cut into shorts and the rest of the costume was already set – hat and glasses being key items.

To be honest, I don’t think many people knew about Wanda either. Collin got approached the most, with people shouting, “I found you!” But we also received some mutual appreciation, as one guy passing us at a party said, “Excuse me, Waldo, Waldess.” We went out for dinner before the party and got free margaritas for dressing up (win!) and then went to a big photo studio for a Halloween party. Good times, Halloween, good times.

Waldo and Wanda

2 thoughts on “Halloween, Past and Present

  1. Your costumes turned out SO awesome. SO AWESOME. Next year I’m coming with you both (this is me begging you not to move away) as Carmen Sandiego.

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