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A Long Story

I was attempting to write for my “About” tag and then this rambling pile of randomness came out.


Sometimes I think my life has been a big jumble of coincidences and luck. I’m still figuring out where I stand in the world and what I want to make out of life, but I’m having fun and talking too much along the way.

I grew up in sunny, beach-y southern California, in a town called Palos Verdes. I don’t know how to surf, but I love the beach and demand to always live near an ocean.

My youthful days were relatively average, and while filled with the typical teen angst, the whole ‘figuring out my future’ thing never stressed me out much.

I was sure that I wanted to leave California when college application season rolled around. I wanted change. I thought about journalism and knew I loved making clothes. Long story short, I ended up at Oregon State as an apparel design major.

I chose my roommate before arriving at OSU. Then a few weeks before moving in, that roommate pulled out of the university and I was left with just a name… Christine. This Christine became my best friend almost instantly. She’s still one of my closest as I write this 3,000 miles away from her. Others on that list include Maren (first person I met moving into the dorms) and Ashley (via the Barometer).

Roomie love
Dressing up with Maren (sadly, my disposable camera phase yields blurry photos)

Soon I discovered I’m not a winner when it comes to artistic talents. My pull toward journalism became stronger, but I wanted a fashion-based degree still. I switched to merchandising and through the serendipitous fate of Maren*, I got pulled in the world of The Daily Barometer, OSU’s student newspaper.

*Extremely long explanation of events: Maren worked in the craft center, which has a door that passes the Barometer entrance. Maren knew a girl name Leslie from working at a dorm coffee shop. Maren knew I was chickening out over applying to the Barometer. Leslie happened to work for the radio station above the Barometer and was friends with many in the newsroom. As I exited the craft center with Maren, Leslie was at the Barometer door. Maren told Leslie I wanted to join the Barometer, Leslie pulled me into the office and I met Dan, the managing editor and BOOM: I was in.

I became a beat reporter, then an assistant news editor, then a copy editor, then an opinion page editor as well as an entertainment columnist, during the three years I was on staff. The newsroom life had its ups and downs, but it was a great experience professionally and socially. Believe me, if Overheard in the Newsroom existed when we were working, it would have been full of our ridiculousness.

Proofing the pages before print

Thanks to keeping my fashion-based degree, I interviewed for and somehow snagged myself a super awesome summer internship at a fashion magazine in New York. This is the summer after my junior year. And some of my Barometer coworkers had internships in the city as well.

I spent the summer living the crazy fashion closet life, making friends through my Barometer friends which lead me into the crazy NYC life, and I also made friends from my theater-going habits. I drank more than I ever thought possible and (almost) always remained functional. I went to Fashion Week. I came back to visit everyone for a week that December, becoming even more certain that I’d end up in New York very soon.

Fashion closet suspiciously not crazy looking

Back at OSU, finishing out my last year, I jumped to get a paid internship in town at a personal finance magazine geared toward young people. The decision to move to NYC post-graduation was official. I was moving one month after leaving Oregon. I had no real plan.

A kind friend took me in upon arrival in NYC. Six weeks later I had found another paid internship. In personal finance. Which became a full time position. Associate editor. At a young and fun start up. In a cool building with free snacks. With great people who would become friends.

I had crazy times with friends and coworkers, taking the subway home at all hours of the day and night. I found amazing roommates on my first apartment viewing in Park Slope via Craigslist. I used cheap methods to see musicals and plays as often as possible. I went on excursions, learning the city. I took in friends visiting and showed them what I knew. I got comfortable.

Almost two years after my start date, my first job went belly up with the rest of the company. I’ve spent the time since interviewing and trying to figure out where I want to go with my career and my life. I’m taking on some freelancing soon, traveling, and trying to get my crafty-ness on. 

Now it’s today. I’m not totally sure what comes next… but expect ideas and announcements and more mind-changing to come.

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